SaBumNim Martial Arts Academy was founded in 2013 to fulfill the goal and dream of Master Rick Brown to found his own Martial Arts Academy.  We teach Moo Moo Kwan style Hap Ki Do a diverse art which includes kicking, hand strikes, traps, grappling, weapons, weapon disarming, weapons forms, empty handed forms (kata) and falling.  

    Master Brown has been active in the Martial Arts since 1991 and is ranked in both Hap Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do.  Master Brown was one of the primary instructors for Senior Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee at Korean Martial Arts Hap Ki Do.r paragraph here.

Students at our very first class 6/6/2013

About Hap Ki Do
HapKiDo or Hap Ki Do is a complete self-defense system; it incorporates the redirection of force found in Aikido. 
The devastating joint locks and throws found in Aikijutsu. Judo techniques that include various chokes, sweeps, joint locks, and other grappling techniques. 
The kicking technique of Tae Kwon Do and the ancient Korean Art of Taekyon. 
The punching and blocking of karate. 
Hap Ki Do also incorporates both "hard" and "soft" techniques as found in many Chinese Kung Fu systems.

To fully understand the true meaning of Hap Ki Do, we must understand what each word means. Hap means harmony, unity, coordination, together, or concentrated. Ki means energy, inner power or cosmic force. Do means art, way of, achieve, or execute. Literally translated, Hap Ki Do means "The Art of Coordinated Power".

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The students at our first GUP testing