July 2017: 

Our School brought two competitors and two referees to the 2017 Global Hapkido World Championships.

Master Brown was fortunate to place 2nd in "Empty Handed Forms; Black Belt Men over 35 years".

If you have interest in going to next years event it is being held in Los Angeles, CA.

The Class Schedule is: 

6 pm-7 pm White Belt to Green Belts
7 pm - 8 pm Blue Belts and up

6 pm-7 pm White Belt to Green Belts
7 pm - 8 pm Blue Belts and up

10 am - 11 am All ranks

(summer hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day)

Prices and fees:
$70 for a single student 
Discounts apply for additional family members.

No contract is required but a 3 month non-refundable block payment or ACH/EFT with 30 day notice to cancel  is preferred.

$50 re-initiation fee (if you decide to take a break from training for a full month or more there will be a $50 restart fee)

Uniform $45
Patches: $10 

(free with a 3 month or more commitment vs trial month)

GUP testing fees:
All non-black belt test - $75

Black Belt testing fees:
 All are subject to change based upon cost changes and federation affiliations based upon federation charges.

1st Dan $300
2nd Dan $400
3rd Dan $500
4th Dan $600

SaBumNim Martial Arts Academy is a family oriented Martial Arts Academy located in Richland, MI

SMAA Weather Policy 

For the safety of our students, SMAA will be closed during “Tornado Watches” and “Tornado Warnings”.   If a “Tornado Watch or Warning” is announced in advance, to be in effect during SMAA class hours, SMAA will be closed. 

If a “Tornado Watch” announcement is made during SMAA class hours, class will be stopped and students will be sent home.  For students whose transportation is not at SMAA, Class Instructor(s) will stay at SMAA until student transportation arrives.  Parents – please stay posted on weather advisories.    

If a “Tornado Warning” announcement is made during class, everyone inside the school will take cover in lower level until the warning has expired.

 We can be reached by calling 269.419.9786

For Snow events, we will attempt to follow Gull Lake Schools evening event cancellations.

In the event of a closing Master Brown will schedule a makeup class if possible.

If SMAA must close for any reason, it will be announced on the Facebook page

10211 East M-89, Suite 210
Richland, MI

email:  masterbrown@sma-academy.com
phone: 269.419.9786
​​ (call or text)